Dead Snow – Review

Posted January 23, 2009 in
Dead Snow (Død snø)

Sundance Film Festival

Director: Tommy Wirkola

Straight out of Norway comes the greatest resurrection to a genre since sliced bread…wait, that doesn’t even make sense…fuck it…Nazi Zombies!!! When eight college medical students, four horny males and four sexy females, decide to spend their Easter vacation in an isolated cabin in the mountains with no phone service, rock music, alcohol, and Twister, no good can ever come of it. When a stranger unexpectedly arrives, seeking brief shelter, he informs the rambunctious bunch of the region's unnerving connection to World War II. Add a barrage of blood-thirsty zombies from the SS and the result includes splattered gelatinous brains, slit throats, exposed intestines, and gallons upon gallons of blood spilled on the glistening white powder. The level of horror surpasses frightening and veers toward absurd, and that’s the point. One can only pray Hollywood doesn’t sink its whetted teeth into the neck of this foreign beauty and develop another shit-tastic replica.

- Jimmy Martin