Dew Tour Day 2

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Friday, Sept. 17 was day two at the Dew Tour here in Salt Lake City. If you still haven’t checked it out, you’re running out of time. So hurry up! When I got to Dew Tour today, the first event I scoped out was the skateboard vert prelims where Bob Burnquist  was able to work his way past last month's winner Shaun White. This was the event I was most excited to check out all weekend because transition is my favorite thing to skate, and these guys do it better than anyone in the world.  In the prelims, I was really excited to see Alex Perelson nail a backside lip slide to revert out on the extension to cab 540 tail grab, and Shaun White slay it pretty hard with a huge cab 720 and multiple inverted spins. But in the end, it was Bob Burnquist who took the cake with explosive airs, a back smith on the extension and a miller flip. The skate vert finals will be Sunday at 2 pm.


From the vert ramp, I headed over to watch Tyson Bowerbank and Derek Rivera, both new homies on the scene, throwing down at the Gatorade Free Flow Tour semi-finals. The winner of the Gatorade Free Flow finals will have a chance to battle it out against the top pros at the championships for the Dew Cup. Tyson just might make it happen with tricks like his first try back 360, front side flip, back side flip and third try backside 360 kick flip up the big euro gap. Tyson definitely blew the judges out of the water and qualifed third overall going into finals. We'll find out tomorrow how he does. Good luck, homie.


Afterwards, I went and checked out the village for awhile, and in The Green Label Experience tent you can vote for a new Mountain Dew can design. This was especially cool because Salt Lake City's very own Mike Murdock designed a can for Blindside that made finals. You can also vote for Mike's can at the Mountain Dew Green Label Art website:

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