Dew Tour Day 3

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Saturday, Sept. 18 was day three at the Dew Tour and by far the busiest of the four-day event. I checked out the Gatorade Free Flow skatepark finals where Salt Lake City local Tyson Bowerbank held it down and pulled off third place overall. This was Tyson's fourth year skating finals for the Gatorade Free Flow Tour, but I suspect a win next year. Good job.


Next, I made my way over to the BMX dirt course to see the finals because I really wanted to see Brett Banasiewicz break out the “cash roll." The cash roll is a half of a front flip, a 180, and then a half of a back flip.  Banasiewicz is the only person to ever land this trick, and at the young age of fifteen he competes against the best in the world. Banasiewicz placed third overall in BMX dirt finals. Second place went to Brandon Dosch who cranked out the triple tail whip. First place went to Dennis Enarson whose consistent riding took him all the way to the podium where he hasn’t been since 2008. 



Skateboard park finals started at five today. Although Adam Dyet didn’t make super-finals, he threw down some crazy stuff like a backside flip mute over the rail to flat and a killer front blunt down the hubba. Anyone that's seen Dyet skate though knows he’s always been more of a best trick slayer than contest killer. Dyet finished in eleventh overall. Paul Rodriguez didn't make the podium, but he looked really promising with consistent switch tricks that looked normal stanced. Ryan Sheckler took third by doing many kick flips and other cool grinds. Greg Lutzka took second by throwing down multiple 270 to rail slide variations and staying very consistent. But in the end, sixteen-year-old Chaz Ortiz took the win. He threw down some heavy hitter tricks like a 360 flip up the step up to kick flip back down and a 5-0 grind to frontside 180 out and a big spin back lip down the rail. Congratulations to everyone, and make sure to scope out skateboard vert finals Sunday at two.

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