Dew Tour Day 4

Posted September 21, 2010 in

Sunday, Sept. 19 marked the last day of Dew Tour here in Salt Lake City for 2010. It was also the day I was waiting for to see the skate vert finals. The Arena was packed almost every seat filled fans watched in awe as the pros warmed up. As an intro, Gatorade put on the grom demo where some super little kids shredded the ramp, there was even a seven year old who did cork 540s! I'd give him his props and shout out his name, but due to regulations names of the kids weren't released. Skate vert finals were intense. At the end of the first heat Sandro Dias was in first place, followed by Alex Perelson. Heat Two was still to come though and with heavy hitters like Shaun White, Bucky Lasek and Andy Macdonald a gnarly showdown of the greats was for sure about to take place. At the end of the second heat Sandro Dias was knocked out of super finals by Shaun White, Bob Burnquist, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Bucky Lasek and Andy Mac Donald. The vert finals trophy went home with the one and only Shaun White after he through down some monstrous tricks like some sort of 540 hand flip. I'm not if thats the actual name of the trick, but I cant figure it out and I've looked everywhere, but it was awesome! White also made an amazing effort at a 900, but watched it slip away from under him. Pierre Luc Gagnon skated really well and finished second. Bucky Lasek finished third.


The second event I scoped out was the BMX park finals. The course looked so fun to skate though. Unlike the skate park contest, which was set up with a punch of rails and ledges, the BMX park had flow, lots of quarter pipes, and banks. Daniel Dhers took home the third place prize purse with a lot of flips—I even saw him do a line where he did three different flair variations in a row. Garrett Reynolds got second place by throwing a huge truck driver down the step down. Tail whip on the quarter, then opposite 450 over the hip. Dennis Enarson took the top spot for the second time this weekend by doing huge transfers a back flip whip over the spine and just being super consistent. Congratulations to everyone who did good this weekend and good luck at the Dew Tour Championships.