FanX 2014: Day 2 Adventures

Posted April 19, 2014 in

Pyramid Head, aka my main man. Photo: Thomas Winkley

Salt Lake City lit up again today as roughly 14 quadrillion (that’s a real number) people descended upon the Salt Palace for day 2 of FanX. The beautiful thing about this con is the incredible range of activities available for eveybody attending. You can hang out in line to mingle with celebrities, browse through hundreds of artists’ tables or simply meander from panel to panel learning about everything from Hitchcock favorites to translating literature into film. No matter your cup of tea, it is still entirely possible to get lost in a sea of incredible cosplay and vendors offering everything under the sun.

Today was a focus on punishing the wallet and rotting the brain. After picking up a new hat and some prints to cover the office, a b-line was made straight for the gaming room yet again, this time for a Starcraft II Midwest Pro Am. This time it was to watch Utah locals HTO Mario, Spectre, ZergZingZing and Vita go up against the likes of Grubby, Puck, Polt and Revenge. After a few hours there it was time to hit the floor once again.

A few key vendors today were:

Salt Fest: A local Utah fighting game tournament that started last year. With a partnership with Microsoft, the fellows at the booth promised something bigger and better this year.

Obake Style: Really awesome hand-crafted decorations and prints done by Megan Mitchell.

Neumont University: That’s right guys I checked out a college! They lured me with Street Fighter and chatted me up about programming. They were a little out of my league, but a bunch of friendly folk nonetheless.

Evermore: I ogled them from afar and plan to actually visit them tomorrow, for realsies.

The night is over, and I’m still buzzing from the energy in the crowd. Once again the cosplay was absolutely phenomenal and if you have anything to dress up in it only enhances the energy. Catch y’all tomorrow.