FanX 2014: Nilbog is Goblin Spelled Backwards — Darren Ewing, Deborah Reed, Jason Steadman on Troll 2

Posted April 20, 2014 in

(L – R) Troll 2 alums Jason Steadman, SLUG’s Alex Springer, Darren Ewing and Deborah Reed post-interview.

In 1990, a ragtag Italian production team came to Utah to make a horror movie about a family that gets in over its head when their wholesome vacation plans get ruined by a pack of vegetarian goblins. The result was one of the most fantastic celluloid train wrecks in cinematic history. Despite the fact that Troll 2 has one of the lowest ratings on both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, it continues to unite movie fans all over the world with its unique brand of awesome awfulness. At FanX this year, actors Darren Ewing, Deborah Reed and Jason Steadman were representing Troll 2 and its subsequent documentary Best Worst Movie. In between photo-ops, the three actors were hospitable enough to answer a few questions about the loyal cult following that has developed around Troll 2.

SLUG: Why does Troll 2 have such resonance among fans?
Darren Ewing: I think it’s because failure is a universal theme, and a lot of people identify with the fact that we were really trying to make a good movie, and despite the fact that it was really bad, the movie never disappoints. It’s still entertaining from start to finish. It’s not the worst movie ever—that would be Transformers 2—it’s the BEST worst movie.
Deborah Reed: I think people just love to have a great time, and people from around the world have enjoyed getting together. It’s bringing joy to people and nothing makes us happier. I’ve always said, “If I can’t be in the best movie, than I’m sure glad I’m in the worst movie.”
Jason Steadman: We were trying to do our best. It took a horrible turn, but it turned into a movie that is genuine, sincere and fun. There are a lot of movies that set out to be over the top and extremely campy, but the fact that we did that by accident made it all the more special.

SLUG: Aside from Troll 2, of course, what are your favorite bad movies?
Ewing: I used to have bad movie nights with my friends, so I have a long list. I’d have to say my favorite is a film called Frankenstein Conquers the World. It’s a Toho film, which is the company that produced Godzilla. Basically, it consists of a giant Frankenstein’s monster that is destroying Tokyo, and it’s fantastic.
Reed: I’ve always loved the retro classics, and there are too many to name. I’m loving the films like Sharknado that are being made though.
Steadman: I don’t watch a ton of B movies, which is always kind of a shocker to fans, but I’d have to say that my favorite is the ’80s Flash Gordon. I got a group of my friends to watch it a few years ago, one by one, they all found excuses to leave.