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The Growing Season

Director: Susan Sfarra

A more accurate title for this piece might be “How to Groom Pine Trees: In One Act.” A traditional folk song underscores the action—the “action” of trimming future Christmas trees, at least—as a boy experience the exciting life his grandfather lives as a tree wrangler.  I was underwhelmed by the whole affair but there is an audience for this sort of film; and they are somewhere between bonsai fanatics and Christmas plant lovers. This film would have made more sense screening with documentary shorts given its apparently real characters and set.



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Celestial Avenue

Director: Colin & Cameron Cairnes

Aussie accents and Chinese tradition mix in this cross-cultural melee. It’s a pretty funny story that starts with a blind date and ends with some wire-fu. The main character is a self-assured Australian woman who falls for an uncommon “peasant boy” in a Chinese restaurant. Note the karaoke video (replete with Asian writing!) as a unique montage vehicle.

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