Graphic Sexual Horror – Review

Posted January 19, 2009 in
Graphic Sexual Horror

Slamdance Film Festival

Directors: Barbara Bell, Anna Lorentzon

Is it porn or is it art? Are they models or are they courtesans? Is it real or is it all a show? These are the questions that arise as directors Barbara Bell and Anna Lorentzon examine the 35,000 member strong controversial sadomasochist website Profiling the questionable actions and professionalism of the site’s founder, Brent Scott (a.k.a. pd), the documentary primarily spotlights former actresses and provides a forum for debates about their former employer. Recollections of past performances allow the girls to discuss the harsh bruises they received and how they’re worn as badges of honor. The film is definitely not for the weak. Hardcore images of women being twisted, gagged, and pulled in every direction reveal the true grit of the S&M underworld. As pd’s chilling monotone narration adds to the eerie tone, the film’s overall message is too simplistic for its feature-length running time. The same message is repeatedly regurgitated, forcing the viewer to disregard its initial content. The greatest component comes with the assessment of the elaborate medieval mechanisms reproduced and constructed for these bizarre exhibitions.

- Jimmy Martin