His & Hers – Review

Posted January 25, 2010 in

His & Hers

Sundance Film Festival

Director: Ken Wardrop

In an attempt to create a cohesive story by using a group of random females and the stories about the men in their lives, director Ken Wardrop chronologically profiles 70 different Irish women in various stages of their lives, beginning with crying infants and cheery children and closing with somber widows and lonely retirement home residents. While the unique idea that strangers can share a cohesive story of life’s events is notable, the fact that their compiled tales are mostly generic and stale immediately shreds any amount of intrigue. Granted, the stories of elderly women recalling their previous daily traditions before their husbands’ passing are beautifully heartbreaking, but the overbearing yammering of teenage adolescents and twenty-somethings is too much to tolerate. The film opens with the clever Irish adage, "A man loves his girlfriend the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest,” but this witty expression is the pinnacle of humor in Wardrop’s tale. As each subject highlights the utmost clichéd moments in life (i.e. engagements, weddings, pregnancies, etc.), and is captured performing mundane household chores (God forbid one of these women step outside into the scary man-world) the sight and sound of women laughing and bickering at their own recollections becomes increasingly vexing as you can almost anticipate the term “I guess you had to be there” to immediately follow. Rather than witnessing an energetic video collage of life’s uniqueness, unsuspecting viewers are forced to endure the monotonous pages of Wardrop’s breathing scrapbook.

–Jimmy Martin

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Screening Times:

January 22, 2010 – 3:00pm – Holiday Village Cinema IV

January 23, 2010 – 6:00pm – Broadway Centre Cinemas IV

January 25, 2010 – 7:30pm – Prospector Square Theatre

January 26, 2010 – 9:00am – Screening Room, Sundance Resort

January 28, 2010 – 2:30pm – Holiday Village Cinema III