Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry–Review

Posted January 23, 2009 in
Sailor Jerry

Dir: Erich Weiss

"Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed" was a mantra Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins lived by as we see in this very interesting peek into the life of one of the old school flash progenitors. As the supposed creator of purple ink, among many other innovations in the world of tattoo, Jerry is still respected as "one of the first." This film was very informative for your average non tattoo expert. Many a tattooed lady and gent were sitting in the theater and they all seemed to really enjoy the pic as well (I won't name drop but a veritable "who's who" in the world of local tattoo shops were sitting in the X Dance screening).

The film had a very colorful host of characters who recreated Sailor Jerry's life through anecdotes as Burnsian style images of the early days of tattoo played across.

"Crazy" Philadelphia Eddy Funk spoke very colorfully on the subject as did Zeke Owen, Lyle Tuttle, and Mike Malone among others. They all sat as sage living history examples of the old style and the harder working version of what they derided as the newer school "black tshirt kids" in these more modern days of socially accepted body art. The old cat's tattoos are myriad and all seem to run into each other. Ed Hardy, one of Jerry's most well known prodigies, had plenty to say on the subject of "Old Ironsides" as well. His tattoos were looking very colorful and classy after all this time, however.

If you need an easily consumed bit of tattoo history and a look at how World Wars influenced the influx of the art in Hawaii and then worldwide, search no further. Look for this in a theater soon, or on DVD this year.
There are no further screenings of this film.

-Jon Paxton