Humpday – Review

Posted January 23, 2009 in
Director: Lynn Shelton

Humpday's premise sounds a bit ridiculous, potentially homophobic, and somewhat juvenile. I could not have been more mistaken. The film's honest and bizarre perspective on human sexuality and dimension was an illustration of the depth of human spirit and expression - whether you're married, traveling the world as a gypsy, or staying at home making pork chops. The setup of the film is ridiculous enough - two long lost friends reunite, one married, one coming back from a wild traveling life. During a night of drunken reminiscence, they dare each other to enter Humpday, an amateur porn competition. At a loss to what would be a meaningful contribution to the world of art through porn, the two decide that two straight men expressing their friendship through gay sex would definitely be interesting, and of artistic value. Despite sobering up and one of the most awkward arguments on film between one character and his wife, the two decide to go through with the act. As the protagonists sit together in the hotel room struggling to find a starting point, the film begins to shine. An amazing dialogue between the two friends commences, during which insights into the facades we all wear, our sexuality and feelings, and the idea of art despite our best interests are all expressed in a funny, witty banter between the two best friends. I was so impressed by this conversation I was immediately reminded of Godard's Breathless. *SPOILER ALERT* No, they don't end up boning, as the ridiculousness of the situation does not fail to escape even them. -Ryan Powers