Intro @ Tower Theatre 09.22

Posted September 23, 2012 in

Intro. Photo: Brandon Cahoon

Salt Lake Film Festival
Director: Brandon Cahoon

It only seems right that for a man of few words, such as David Williams, a documentary of the local musician would feature the same. But despite the lack of dialogue in the film, Intro is still a captivating documentary of Williams’ life on the road and at home. The way the film is shot, you feel like you’re tagging along with Williams in his old, beat-up Subaru wagon, as he cruises along I-80 out to California. Besides Williams, the only other main character in the film is former-local musician Jeremi Hanson (Band of Annuals). She sings with Williams at several different venues, and Cahoon captures some great live performances of the pair. Williams’ car, however, might as well be the comic relief in the film, as he deals with a driver-side window that refuses to roll all the way up, as well as his systemic way of packing his equipment and belongings neatly into the back. Aside from the live performances and traveling, Cahoon also shows you the private side of Williams at his home, making coffee and working on songs on his laptop. This film may be a bit tedious or slow for some, but if you’re a fan of Williams’ music, this documentary is a great insight into the life of the musician, and the multiple full-length performances are a real treat.

INTRO trailer from Brandon Cahoon on Vimeo.

Intro. Photo: Brandon Cahoon