Keep the Lights On

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Still of Ira Sachs in Keep the Lights On

Keep the Lights On
Sundance Film Festival
Director: Ira Sachs

Keep the Lights On is a multifaceted love story that examines what it means to love another individual and the lengths one is willing to go to keep things together. Erik (Thure Lindhardt), a documentary filmmaker, and Paul (Zachary Booth), a closeted lawyer, meet in the ‘90s in New York City through a phone sex line. Although their initial encounters are strictly casual, and Paul happens to have a girlfriend, eventually their relationship develops into something deeper and they begin dating. Inspired by Sachs' own disintegrated long-term relationship, it’s no surprise that Erik and Paul’s chemistry is raw and visceral. For nearly a decade the two struggle to stay together, overcoming demanding work schedules, drug addiction and staying monogamous. By the film’s end, Paul’s initial girlfriend is a minor molehill compared to the hurdles that these two face throughout the story. The grainy film that Keep the Lights On was shot on adds an authenticity to the project. Keep the Lights On is a beautiful and emotionally charged story that even comes with a silver lining. Kuddos to Ira Sachs for making a realistic love story that doesn’t end with a predictable “happy ever after.” 



Time: 11:30 am Date: 1/23/2012 Venue: Library Center Theatre

Time: 12:15 pm Date: 1/25/2012 Venue: Eccles Theatre

Time: 3:00 pm  Date: 1/26/2012 Venue: Egyptian Theatre

Time: 9:00 pm  Date: 1/27/2012 Venue: Salt Lake City Library


Still of Ira Sachs in Keep the Lights On