Life Cycles

Posted January 26, 2011 in

Life Cycles
Director: Ryan Gibb & Derek Frankowski

Often action sports films can be passed off as eye candy, or adrenaline porn, but "Life Cycles" is something different. Setting a new standard for cinematography in action sports films, this movie takes the audience on a journey of the bicycle what has claimed to be man’s “Noblest Invention” from its birth to its death. The film starts from the source with amazing shots of metal factories where bicycles are produced, from the factories to the paint room, and to the mechanic that assembles it. The story follows the life of the bike riding epic lush trails of British Columbia that ultimately lead to the destruction of the bike.  It takes a unique angle on filming action sports, in an industry where a lot of focus is placed on the athletes themselves, this film emphasizes on the riding, and lets the athletes be outspoken by their skills. It is quite possibly the most dramatic and intense biking movie one will ever see, the dark heavy soundtrack brings a psychedelic and hypnotic theme to the film that just makes you want to get on a bike. The stunning cinematography and amazing locations make this film a must a see for any sports film aficionado.