Madrid, 1987

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Still of Maria Valverde and Jose Sacristan in Madrid, 1987

Madrid, 1987
Sundance Film Festival
Director: David Trueba

It’s a hot summer day in Madrid in 1987 when Miguel, a surly, but well-respected journalist, agrees to meet with a journalism student named Angela for an interview. Angela is flunking out of one of her journalism classes. She doesn’t like to go. Initially it seems as if she’s set up this interview either as a last ditch effort to either save her grades or to prove to herself that you don’t need journalism school to be a good journalist. While her intentions are murky, it’s immediately clear that Miguel wants to get laid. He suggests they relocate to his friend’s studio, so they won’t be interrupted. A series of events—some expected and some not—lead to the two being locked in a bathroom, naked for nearly 24 hours. Although the film’s story line seems a bit like a gimmick, the witty dialogue and beautiful cinematography of Madrid, 1987 move the story along nicely. As the clock ticks and the two sit naked in the bathroom, viewers learn things about each of the characters that better illustrate the political unrest and massive social changes taking place in Spain during the late ‘80s. By the film’s end I was so engrossed by the dialogue between the characters I’d forgotten they were naked and that I’d seen enough shots of saggy old man ass to last me a lifetime.



Time: 5:30 pm Date:  1/27/2012 Venue: Prospector Square Theatre

Time: 11:30 am Date: 1/28/2012 Venue: Holiday Village Cinema 1

Still of Maria Valverde and Jose Sacristan in Madrid, 1987 Still of Maria Valverde from Madrid, 1987