Modern Imbecile’s Planet World

Posted January 29, 2011 in

Blaise Miller and Kent Youngblood Jr. in "Modern Imbecile's Planet World"

Modern Imbecile’s Planet World
Slamdance Film Festival
Dir: Doug Manley

"Planet World" is a goofy fucking film. It follows the adventures of two brain-dead sitcom stars who ride along on a space shuttle as research for their upcoming film. The shuttle crashes somewhere in the desert and everyone but our heroes dies. Presuming they’ve landed on a hostile alien world, the two idiots devise scheme after stupid scheme to get back to their home world. The film attempts a brand of humor that borrows equally from Keaton/Chaplin-style comedy as well as "Family Guy"-style comedy. I have trouble expressing my opinion of this film because it is legitimately hilarious and very stupid with equal frequency. For every joke at which I threw my head back and guffawed, there was a joke so stale, obvious, or just plain stupid that it ruined the experience until the next good laugh. I was not alone in my ambivalence. The audience was, by turns, uproarious then dead silent and back again. I really liked a good portion of this film. If some disinterested party could just go into the editing room with director Manley and help him remove each stale, overdone attempt at humor, the forty-or-so minutes that would be left would be some seriously funny stuff. When the humor works, it’s that pitch-perfect kind of stupid that can be so fun to laugh at, but when the jokes miss they miss by a mile and weaken the experience.

Blaise Miller and Kent Youngblood Jr. in "Modern Imbecile's Planet World"