Psychopath with a Purpose or: An Evening with Mark Pellegrino

Posted January 30, 2015 in
Merk Pellegrino
Mark Pellegrino is dangerously charming, and casually conversational with the audience members brave enough to ask their questions. Photo: Matt Brunk /

“I had a fan come up to me, I think, in an airport,” Mark Pellegrino said, at one of the first panels of the 2015 edition of Salt Lake City’s Fan X Convention, “and say, ‘You were Paul in Dexter, You were such an ASSHOLE! I love you.’”

Mr. Pellegrino has made a career of playing lovable assholes. He’s played Paul Bennett, who isn’t so much as lovable as he is just an asshole, Jedikiah Price in the ill-fated Tomorrow People, the total jerk Jacob on Lost and, of course, his most beloved role as Lucifer, the king of assholes, on Supernatural. Pellegrino made a point, Thursday, to drive home that his characters, especially in the case of Lucifer, are more complex than most “bad guys.” When asked which was harder to play, Jacob or Lucifer, he said, “Both of them were written with a lot of complexity, but neither of them were anywhere near as evil as a character I played from a movie called Bad Turn Worse … Giff was pure evil.”

In a casual back-and-forth between him and adoring fans, Pellegrino answered several questions about his roles, his relationships with his co-workers (mentioning that he would have a polygamous arrangement with all of his Supernatural co-stars, and he would use them in different ways) and really came off as a down-to-earth guy. The highlight of the panel was when Aubrey, an attendee dressed as some sort of sexy Batgirl, asked, “Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?” It was the culmination of what was one of the best panels I’ve attended at a convention.

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