Slamdance Film Review: Pearl Was Here

Posted January 22, 2013 in

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Slamdance Film Festival

Director: Kate Marks

From the moment you see the seven-year-old Pearl, her big, brown eyes and curious gaze instantly grab your attention. Something tells you that mischief is a close friend of hers. This short film takes place inside an ordinary, small convenience store, but one that also has a claw-machine full of stuffed animals. When her mom is busy checking her make-up and has her back turned, the scrawny little girl decides to squeeze her way up through the prize door of the claw machine, and lose herself in complete nirvana among the plush animals. Despite the cute behavior of Pearl (Miana Abramson) in the beginning, the rest of the film becomes more dramatic and heartfelt when her mother loses her shit after finding Pearl trapped inside the machine. It’s at that moment you discover the power struggle between a child and parent and just where Pearl has learned her obnoxious ways. The acting from Abramson is truly stellar and makes this film what it is. The straightforward approach, with great attention to every little detail, from director Kate Marks will also strike a chord for any parent who has experienced the struggles of raising a child, and how every parent handles certain situations differently.