SLUG SXSW 2014 Stats – Day Four 03.14

Posted March 15, 2014 in

SLUGger: Cody Kirkland, Digital Content Coordinator
Number of shows: 12
Number of FREE alcoholic beverages: 0
Food item of the day: A tie between nitro iced coffee on tap from The Brew Hub cart and the “white people hot” falafel sandwich from the Shawarma Port truck.
Number of parties attended: 1
Number of dudes wearing dark blue denim on denim with bitchin’ haircuts, black Wayfarers and Oxford shoes: 11
Amount of swag: Nothing.

-2:00 p.m. Twin Steps/Castle Face Records Day Show @ Hotel Vegas = Thumbs Up [Pictured]
-2:30 p.m. Traumahelikopter/Castle Face Records Day Show @ Volstead Patio = Both Thumbs Up
-2:45 p.m. A1 Lover/Castle Face Records Day Show @ Volstead = Thumbs Sideways
-3:00 p.m. Grape Street/Castle Face Records Day Show @ Volstead Patio = Thumbs Down
-3:30 p.m. Raw McCartney/Castle Face Records Day Show @ Volstead = Thumbs Up
-9:20 p.m. Dillon Cooper @ Parish = Thumbs Down
-9:50 p.m. Nemo Achida @ Parish = Thumbs Sideways
-10:30 p.m. DJ Hoop Dreams @ Parish = Thumbs Up
-10:45 p.m. Raz Simone @ Parish = Thumbs Sideways
-11:15 p.m. Kevin Gates @ Parish = Thumbs Down
-11:50 p.m. Audio Push @ Parish = Thumbs Up
-12:30 a.m. Isaiah Rashad @ Parish = Both Thumbs Up

Best show of the day:
-12:30 a.m. Isaiah Rashad @ Parish

After failing to get into two of his shows this week—the last one at the French Legation Museum was cancelled because he wouldn’t come out of his room—I was stoked to be ushered to the very front of the “badge line” for my most anticipated performance of the festival. After sitting/standing/drinking through three fucking hours of mediocre boast rapping while waiting for Isaiah to take the stage, I was beat by the time he came on and getting a little sleepy from all the illicit smoke clouds wafting around. He rapped hard and tight with energy and soul, just like on his Cilvia Demo. It was so much more powerful in person, though, and I actually jumped around and did the hand thing you’re supposed to do at hip-hop shows. His rendition of “Shot Me Down” solidified the crowd’s adoration and respect as everyone in the place swayed and sang along. Though his set seemed pretty short, it was worth the wait—on par with Wye Oak’s show there the night before. Isaiah Rashad just got on my Top 10 Hip-Hop Shows list.