SLUG SXSW 2014 Stats – Day One 03.11


SLUGger: Alexander Ortega, Editorial Assistant 
Number of shows:
Number of FREE alcoholic beverages: 0
Food item of the day: The Hot Dog King of Austin’s “Southsider Elgin Smoked Jalapeño with Cheddar Sausage”
Number of parties attended: 0
Number of British-cone-studded garments seen: 4
Amount of swag: 3

–8 p.m. Adam WarRock/Nerdcore Showcase @ The Flamingo Cantina = Thumbs Up
–9 p.m. Polytype/Electronic Showcase @ The Iron Bear = Thumbs Up
–10 p.m. Omotai/Metal, Showcase @ Metal and Lace = Thumbs Up [Pictured]
–10:30 p.m. Psalm Zero/Pitchfork’s Show No Mercy @ The Mowhawk = One Thumb Up
–11 p.m. Power Trip/Pitchfork’s Show No Mercy @ The Mowhawk = Thumbs Up
–12 a.m. Amplified Heat/Rock, Showcase @ Metal and Lace = Thumbs Up
–12:20 a.m. Gnaw/Pitchfork’s Show No Mercy @ The Mowhawk = Thumbs Up
–1:05 a.m. Indian/Pitchfork’s Show No Mercy @ The Mowhawk = Thumbs Up

Best show of the day:
–10 p.m. Omotai/Metal Showcase @ Metal and Lace

Omotai showed up to play. As I walked into the Metal and Lace bar, adorned with its steampunk regalia, the band was hammering into the atmosphere with unpretentious metal. They played sludge with smart, purposeful riffs with a nod to hardcore. As they sidled into their second song, front-people Sam Waters (guitar) and Melissa Lonchambon (bass) equally alternated bellowing into their mics to create a rhythmic back and forth of mean, four-syllable tradeoffs. Drummer Anthony Vallejo exhibited his athleticism on the skins, and pulled off some tricky beats to lend their songs a constant forward momentum. The guitar riffs played out as chuggy and fun to hear, with splashes of melodic play-around to keep it interesting, but nothing too showy. I enjoyed their dressed-down image—Lonchambon wore slip-on vans beneath some flared jeans, Waters and guitarist Jamie Ross wore simple jeans and T-shirts and Vallejo went shirtless with an en-dearing top bun for his longer hair. These guys are in it for the music—not any kvlt fashion. They were a blast to watch (even if the Ren & Stimpy playing on the bar TV was a little distract-ing).