Posted January 26, 2011 in

Director: Jason Ryan

A story of a lonely BMX dirt rider in a dry and arid landscape, on a plot of land that is terrible for building dirt jumps. However, with a little bit of ingenuity and some help from a hose we see the landscape transformed into a set of immaculate dirt jumps.  I found this film to be somewhat boring, as it followed the lonely rider through the same set of jumps for seven minutes. Nothing new, nothing fresh, in fact it was just average BMX trail riding. With so many amazing short BMX videos produced daily, and some of the best hailing from right here in SLC, I felt this film to be less than satisfying. It was missing something, maybe it was the riding, or maybe I was just eager to see what else this guy did besides hit the same jumps.  It was not all that bad, there were some incredible desert time lapse shots with sunsets but for a an X-Dance film, especially the second to last film of the festival, I had much higher hopes. Being it is only a seven minute short film, whether you like it or not, at least you will not be wasting much of your time.