Spring Breakdown – Review

Posted January 17, 2009 in
Spring Breakdown

Sundance Film Festival

Director: Ryan Shiraki

You would think that Saturday Night Live veterans Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch and indie film queen Parker Posey would be the perfect ingredients for a film spewing comedic laughs, but you’d be wrong. Best friend trio, Judy, Betty, and Gale have never been the popular girls all throughout their lives, but after Betty is assigned to supervise her uber-conservative senator boss’ daughter in South Padre Island during Spring Break, the group decides to step outside their dull lives and mix things up. They should have stayed home and tended to their cats. No matter how many times Poehler mutters “dawg? or “cracker? as she gradually becomes more thuggish, it will never be humorous. That joke died in 2004. Director Ryan Shiraki performed an unbelievable feat by creating a role for Posey that makes her completely unnecessary, which is disappointing knowing the talent that lies within. The one shining beacon in this childish monstrosity is the undeniably hilarious actions of Dratch and her engagement to the quite effeminate Seth Meyers who has “no secrets.? Such a shame to see so many talented comedians overshadowed by mediocre material and stale gags.

- Jimmy Martin