Sundance Film Review: Halley

Posted January 20, 2013 in

Photo Credit: Matias Penachino


Sundance Film Festival

Director: Sebastian Hofmann

Known more for his work in the music video and short film genres, Sebastian Hofmann takes his first step into the feature film world with the bizarrely engaging Halley. Beto (Alberto Trujillo) is a security guard for a gym in Mexico who has an unusual health condition that forces him to resign from his post, even at the discretion of his flirtatious employer (Luly Trueba). Unbeknownst to her, Beto’s illness causes his skin and physical abilities to deteriorate to a gruesome degree unless he injects himself with an embalming fluid concoction. At one point, Beto is declared dead only to be revived hours later by an unsuspecting morgue worker. The encounter is amusing to say the least. Along with an exceptional performance from Trujillo who perfectly portrays a waning human being, the other accolade must be given to Adam Zoller for his shockingly realistic make-up that is sure to make anyone’s stomach churn. While Hofmann’s story is unique, it’s incapable of sustaining its full momentum for the 84-minute running time, as it’s a better concept than execution. With that said, Hofmann’s character piece is a sign of the director’s progression as a filmmaker, which hopefully means great things are on the horizon.


Time: 1.21, 12:30 PM Venue: Redstone Cinema 1, Park City

Time: 1.25, 5:30 PM Venue: Holiday Village Cinema, Park City

Photo Credit: Matias Penachino Photo Credit: Matias Penachino Photo Credit: Matias Penachino Photo Credit: Matias Penachino