Sundance Film Review: Homesick

Posted January 26, 2015 in
Familial love can get strange. Film: Homesick, Photo: Erik Aavatsmark

Sundance Film Festival
Director: Anne Sewitsky

Originally, Homesick was supposed to reveal the fact that Charlotte (Ine Marie Wilmann) and Henrik (Simon J. Berger) are siblings AFTER their first sexual foray with each other (according to a response to a question from the score composer after the Broadway screening). In its Sundance-ready version, however, Charlotte seeks out Henrik, who both share the same mother (Anneke von der Lippe). She left Henrik as a baby and proved to be a deadbeat mom for Charlotte as well, as Charlotte fosters anger and resentment toward her mother as her father ails in the hospital. After a briefly rocky start, Charlotte’s and Henrik’s attempt to get to “know” each other quickly reaches Biblical proportions. Contrasting with her best friend’s, Marte’s (Silje Storstein), marriage, Charlotte absconds with Henrik to try to grasp what familial love really is and how to allow herself to be loved. Homesick is an interesting character study of Charlotte, who must work to forgive her mother and—for lack of better words—grow up by delving into this queerness. It’s an interesting, fun drama that thrives in the discomfort it engenders with Charlotte’s and Henrik’s transgressive love. (Although, nobody should be allowed to include a Bon Iver song in a film score ever again). –Alexander Ortega

Screening Times:
Time: Thursday, Jan. 29 @ 9 a.m. Venue: Temple Theatre, Park City
Time: Friday, Jan. 30 @ noon Venue: Yarrow Hotel Theatre, Park City