Sundance Film Review: Magic Magic

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Director Sebastian Silva, Photo Credit: Carlos Somonte

Magic Magic
Sundance Film Festival

Director: Sebastián Silva

Everybody around Alicia (Juno Temple) is acting weird. Nobody is making any sense and there is an undercurrent of maliciousness behind everyone’s smiles. Alicia, an American girl travelling in Chile, is driving with her cousin Sarah (Emily Browning) and Sarah’s friends to a cabin in remote southern Chile. But when Sarah has to stay home at the last minute under pretense of retaking an exam, Alicia has to put up with the annoying, spoiled American kid Brink (Michael Cera), Sarah’s boyfriend Agustín (Agustín Silva) and the aggressively standoffish Barbara (Catalina Sandino)—all of whom she just met. After a day into the trip, Alicia can’t sleep and Brink’s insensitive, twisted personality becomes more apparent. Strange things keep happening to Alicia and she hasn’t slept in days. Agustín attempts to fix her insomnia with hypnosis, which turns out to be a terrible idea—we see the consequences that can come from careless choices as Alicia completely loses it. Temple convincingly portrays a mentally unstable and jumpy Alicia, and Cera’s Brink character is an absolute shithead, surpassing his portrayal of the douchey Jamie in Silva’s other Sundance feature, Crystal Fairy. Silva is a skilled filmmaker—I was unsettled for at least an hour after seeing this—and Cera is getting good at playing obnoxious characters of all kinds.



Time: 1.26, 12:00 AM Venue: Egyptian Theatre, Park City

Director Sebastian Silva, Photo Credit: Carlos Somonte Photo Credit: Andres Gachon Photo Credit: Andres Gachon