Sundance Film Review: The Royal Road

Posted January 28, 2015 in
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The Royal Road
Jenni Olson – The Royal Road – Photo: Sophia Constantinou

The Royal Road
Sundance Film Festival
Director: Jenni Olson

The “New Frontier” section in the Sundance Film Festival guarantees never to be dull. One may not appreciate the unique subject matter presented in this category, but there’s always something different. Director Jenni Olson presents this 65-minute video diary with moving imagery taken from the El Camino Real (Spanish for The Royal Road) as she discusses her love life, the land expansion of the United States, and the various cinematic influences that shaped her life including Double Indemnity and Vertigo. Olson’s well-executed word play gives life to her monotone voice and enhances the simplistic 16mm visuals. As Olson travels on an Amtrak train from San Francisco to Los Angeles, she verbally paints a stunning portrait of the unassuming structures and singles out minute details that transport viewers directly into her shoes. While the entire production feels like a college film class thesis, Olson has a magnificent way with words that will unquestionably grant her further opportunities in the future. -Jimmy Martin


Screening Time:

Time: Thursday, Jan. 29 @ 7 p.m. Venue: Holiday Village Cinema 4, Park City