Sundance Film Review: The World According to Dick Cheney

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Photo Credit: Sundance Institute

The World According to Dick Cheney

Sundance Film Festival

Director: R. J. Cutler, Greg Finton

No matter whether you admire or despise him, former Vice President Dick Cheney has unquestionably left a permanent mark on our nation’s political history. Directors R. J. Cutler and Greg Finton gain impressive and intimate access with Cheney and explore the politician’s staggering transformation as a screw-up from Wyoming who flunked out of Yale (twice) and was arrested for multiple D.U.I.s to one of the most powerful and influential men in our nation’s capitol. From his first step into the White House as a simple aide, Cheney had a motive to move up the chain of command with chess-like precision and executed his strategy with refined accuracy. The film briefly transitions from Cheney’s political exit to his stint as CEO for the oil magnate, Halliburton, but, as we all know, his political career was far from over as he reluctantly accepted George W. Bush’s offer to run with him in the 2000 presidential election. Cutler and Finton reveal through enlightening interviews and documentation the sordid and unbalanced relationship between Bush and Cheney as the latter clearly outranked the Commander-in-chief’s political standing with other members of government. To the degree in which Cheney overstepped his authority and withheld back room negotiations from the President is alarming. When questioned about his dubious actions, Cheney, with his signature detached demeanor, never admits fault or remorse to a point where one must consider either he’s totally oblivious or just that deceiving, but, after Cutler and Finton’s well-crafted film, I guarantee viewers can make that verdict quite effortlessly. 


Time: 1.26, 6:15 PM Venue: Yarrow Hotel Theatre, Park City

Photo Credit: Sundance Institute Photo Credit: Sundance Institute