Sundance Film Review: Touchy Feely

Posted January 25, 2013 in

Photo Credit: John Jeffcoat

Touchy Feely

Sundance Film Festival

Director: Lynn Shelton

In this hip, light drama, Lynn Shelton returns from last year's Sundance success (Your Sister's Sister) with Rosemarie DeWitt as her leading lady once again, this time, in a quiet and, well, touchy feely kinda flick. Abby (DeWitt) is a young, new age masseuse. After her perfect hipster boyfriend (the drool-worthy Scoot McNairy) invites her to move in, she develops a strange repulsion to bodily contact. Meanwhile, her emotionally absent brother (Josh Pais), who is a dentist with a clientele of withering senior citizens, suddenly finds himself completely booked when a new patient gossips about his "healing touch." Though DeWitt's storyline is the focus of the film, Pais outshines the entire cast, playing an adorably awkward and heartfelt role, his interactions with his sister, his daughter (Ellen Page) and his reiki healer (Allison Janney) are always interesting and entertaining. The film stays light and quick, the product of clean and concise writing and directing, but still leaves you warm and satisfied. I hope to see more from Shelton, maybe even next year!



Photo Credit: John Jeffcoat