Sundance Film Review: Valentine Road

Posted January 21, 2013 in

Photo Credit: Marta Cunningham

Valentine Road

Sundance Film Festival

Director: Marta Cunningham

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the issue of firearms and classrooms has sadly become a daily topic of discussion. When you add the element of a hate crime to these unspeakable acts, it only adds fuel to the vicious fire. On February 12, 2008, Brandon McInerney, a 14-year-old either-grader in Oxnard, California, shot and murdered his classmate, Larry King, in cold blood. Director Marta Cunningham brings this horrifying tale under the microscope and examines the troubled lives of both the shooter and the victim and calls into question the reasoning behind violence between adolescents. Serious issues revolving around gay and transgender teenagers are explored along with the subject of society’s hope for growth when old school and new school beliefs are both being taught to children by their parents, guardians and educators. Cunningham gracefully details the unexpected twists and turns of this somber tale with touching interviews with the classmates, family members, police officers and attorneys who were directly affected. One can only hope Cunningham’s vital message of hope for greater tolerance in this country will spread far and wide to all ages. 


Time: 1.23, 1:00 PM Venue: Redstone Cinema 2, Park City

Time: 1.25, 9:00 AM Venue: Yarrow Hotel Theatre, Park City

Time: 1.26, 12:30 PM Venue: Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, SLC

Photo Credit: Marta Cunningham Photo Credit: Valentine Road