Sundance Film Review: Wajma (An Afghan Love Story)

Posted January 23, 2013 in

Photo Credit: Barmak Akram
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Wajma (An Afghan Love Story)
Sundance Film Festival

Director: Barmak Akram

What begins as a series of secret flirtations in a society that prohibits contact between the sexes before marriage turns into the worst scenario imaginable: Mustafa, professing his love for Wajma (Wajma Bahar), pressures her into a forbidden romance despite her reserved protests. The unspeakable happens—Wajama is pregnant and Mustafa denies responsibility—which sends Wajma’s father (Hadji Gul) into a violent rage, swearing to kill her and Mustafa to rectify their ultimate dishonor. With a low-budget approach and a documentary feel, Akram skillfully and painfully tells what he says is “several true stories.” The cast shines, especially Bajar and Gul in this hard-to-watch but culturally necessary film.


Time: 1.25, 9:00 PM Venue: Prospector Square Theatre, Park City

Time: 1.26, 12:00 PM Venue: Temple Theatre, Park City

Photo Credit: Barmak Akram Photo Credit: Barmak Akram Photo Credit: Barmak Akram