Superman Returns: Brandon Routh

Posted January 31, 2015 in
Brandon Routh
Brandon Routh Photo: Matt Brunk /

Hunk of meat Brandon Routh graced the stage Friday afternoon, answering questions on a panel moderated by Jake Black, a man who has worked on shows like Smallville and Superman Returns. Brandon Routh walked out from backstage and was immediately the cutie patootie of the room. He was a bit narrower than I expected, but as Ray Palmer he doesn’t need to be so…beefy. He adorably answered questions about his previous experiences in Utah and his audition process to become Superman. “Let me regale you with a tale … I was a lowly actor … ” He says as I swoon. It was a long seven-to-eight-month casting process, but in the end he was the right choice, according to Bryan Singer.

His audience Q and A consisted of many Scott Pilgrim and Chuck questions, like which of his villainous roles he feels was his best (Todd Ingram, as he was his first, “I tried the food. I didn’t get the powers, but it was good food,” he says), but the real juice was found in the Arrow questions, where we learned he will suit up as The Atom before the end of this season. “It’s going to be red and blue. It’s going to be mechanized, it’s going to be pretty wicked,” he explains. I was blindsided, however, by the question “Do you really like cats?” because of his role in a Hallmark movie last Christmas called The Nine Lives of Christmas. Answer: yes. The fans, asking the tough questions.