SXSW 2013: Baptists @ The Scoot Inn 03.16

Posted March 18, 2013 in

Photo: Angela H. Brown

How was their stage presence?
Baptists have two, concurrent modes: metal face-clocking and riling the crowd into an abrasive disposition. The vocalist bashed into the crowd freely to generate mosh pits that would have otherwise been inaccessible for the band before an audience who found shade from the 3:00-p.m. Texas sun. D-beat bands have discovered a metal niche in the last few years, in that they comport themselves onstage like metal bands, but make no mistake: Baptists thrash with a hardcore punk candor amid their "metal fur-ball convulsions" (–SLUG Lead Designer Joshua Joye) where their whole body takes on the motion of head banging.

What was the crowd's reaction?
Major stokeage. Kids were moshing right along to the high-energy tunes and were receptive to Baptists' beastly vocalist. They all fist-pumped and had grins plastered where their faces should have been.

If you were in this band, what would you play?
Baptists don't need a second guitarist, but if they wanted another, I would throw mine on and pitch in to the D-beat morass. I'd love to partake in the chugs that slammed over the fast beats and accompany the first guitarist with the little bits of melody that interceded between the fast chord-strumming and palm muting.

If this band were an animal, what and why?
Baptists would be a grizzly bear. They are pissed, and they make rabid hardcore that thrashes all around. Don't look these Vancouver boys in the eyes, 'cause they'll maul you.

Was the show inside or outside? Was it day or night?
Usually, it's harder for me to get stoked on heavy music in the daytime, for some reason. Baptists, however, have developed an undeniable tractor beam. Beers went around as people got day drunk at The Scoot Inn. The temperature was just right—the 80-degree weather didn't force bullets out of people's pores, so the crowd was comfortable in the rage.

Photo: Angela H. Brown Photo: Angela H. Brown Photo: Angela H. Brown Photo: Angela H. Brown