SXSW 2013: Dark Sky @ Club Barcelona – Surefire Agency Showcase 03.12

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London's DJ Dark Sky got the crowd moving at the Surefire Agency Showcase.

How did you hear about the band?
I chose to see electronic DJ Dark Sky because I had some unexpected free time open up after walking out on Houston’s pop punk trio, Something Fierce. Stardeath and White Dwarf  (Oklahoma City, OK) were next on my hit list but I had an hour to kill before they started.  I was intrigued by the DJ group booked to play after Dark Sky (Jets, from Berlin) so I took another risk, rolled the dice and decided to hit up Club Barcelona a little early.  

How did the environment/atmosphere impact the performance?
Although this was an official SXSW showcase, it was free to the public—anyone was admitted, regardless of whether or not they had a badge or wristband. Club Barcelona is in a basement with long staircase that led down into a marijuana smoke-filled dark shoebox. The capacity was low, probably only 75 according to fire marshal standards, and it was packed with twentysomething clubbers, looking to get high and dance their asses off. I made my way to the DJ booth so that I could get a good look at Dark Sky and evaluate his DJ skills.  He was doing live sequencing, mixing, and scratching.  He had them. I would guess he’s been gigging in the UK club scene for at least a decade.

What was the crowd's reaction?

Dark Sky was very intuitive with what was happening with the crowd. His set began with soft electronica, trancing out the crowd. Next, he added soft beats that layered upon each other. Twenty minutes later, the crowd was banging. Dark Sky loaded in a heavy, throbbing bass that sent these contemporary ravers dancing out of their minds.  The crowd was mostly male, fucked up on drugs or booze, and highly entertaining to watch. I kept thinking, “This is what the London dance scene must be like.” It also reminded me of SLC’s '90s club scene, before hip hop broke.

If this band came to SLC, where would you want to see them play?
If Dark Sky played SLC I could see him going really big and throwing an ecstasy ridden dance party at Saltair with a 100,000 light show. I could also see him keeping it mellow and pulling off another small club venue like Zest.

If this band were an animal, what and why?

If Richard Gateshead, aka Dark Sky, was an animal, he would be a care bear. People that are taking lots of drugs while dancing to electronica need safety and cuddling afterwards. I think any other animal would probably freak out his fans and send them on a bad trip.

London's DJ Dark Sky got the crowd moving at the Surefire Agency Showcase.