SXSW 2013: Escape @ The JR 03.15

Posted March 16, 2013 in

Photo: Angela H. Brown

How did you hear about the band?
SLUG editor Angela H. Brown had mentioned Escape a few days before SXSW and the natural research began after hearing about a heavy metal band getting the permission to come over from Cuba to play here in the States.

How was their stage presence?
Escape embodies basic aggro reflexes of mainstream American culture while showing most of their affection for metal by the shirts worn, covered with images of Batman, Sons of Anarchy and splattered designs of blood to form a band's name. The other masculine aggro presence shown by Escape involved blurting out such phrases as “Let's break some necks.”

If you could trade hair styles with one member of the band, who?

Long black locks of hair is always the best choice for any basic metal look, and gives any generic metal band that extra pizzazz you need in conjunction with head banging. This is why the best choice of hair switcheroo would be the lead singer of Escape.

Did the music make you want to mosh, close your eyes and sway, or something in between?

Escape made me want to do one thing and one thing only while standing in one place: pure head banging. The other option is the metal fur ball that is so popular and confusing.

What set the show apart from a typical set you might see in SLC?
The chance to see a Cuban metal band is quite rare in SLC due to customs laws between the states and Cuba. It took SXSW two years just to bring Escape over from Cuba to play a forty-minute set. I would say the chance of that happening in Salt Lake City is slim to none.

Photo: Angela H. Brown