SXSW 2013: Gepe @ The Friends Bar – Sound of Chile Showcase 03.12

Posted March 13, 2013 in

How did you hear about the band?
I heard this Chilean band’s soundwaves reverberate through Sixth Street in Downtown Austin and straight to my ear while on the fly and decided to stop in and catch their set.

How was their stage presence?
The stage presence of Gepe turned into a dreamy, energetic Enrique Iglesias style of soft arm waving, combined with occasional fist bumping.

What was the crowd’s reaction?
The crowd’s reaction to the sounds of Gepe involved much movement of all individual bodies, spinning and bouncing between each other, combined with short yelps dispersed from different parts of the audience
if this band were a vegetable, what and why?
If the band where a vegetable, Gepe would be a spicy, hot chile, of course,

How did the environment/atmosphere impact the performance?
The atmosphere was impacted by the amount of energy being poured out of the crowd and the movement/style of dancing reflected back to Gepe to balance out the artist to audience dichotomy.