SXSW 2013: Lemuria @ The Mohawk Indoor 03.15

Posted March 16, 2013 in

Sheena Ozella of Lemuria combined nimble guitar work with pretty pop punk. Photo: Alexander Ortega

If you had to marry one band member, who?
Sheena! Sheena Ozella, the frontwoman (guitar and vocals) of Lemuria, is an amazing guitarist—she's clearly an intelligent person, as her odd chord structuring and deft movement along the neck played out sonically with an almost jazzy character. She was constantly at work with her guitar: Her left hand played Tetris with itself and moved from barre 7 chords to tuning while she was singing during a stop. I talked to her after the set, and she was really nice and welcoming to everybody who wanted to speak with her.

If you were in this band, what would you play?
I would play guitar with Lemuria. They are a three-piece, and so there would be just enough room for me to see what I could add to their already tight and full set. It would be difficult to squeeze in parts atop drummer Alex Kerns' rhythmic, tom-y sections and bassist Max Gregor's lush bass chording that stood on its own.

Whose setup gave you butterflies?
I think that Ozella's Orange cab was actually provided for her by SXSW, but the tones that were coming out of it were electric and warm nonetheless. She played out of a headstock that looked like a Fender, but I couldn't make out the brand, and her earth-tone Les Paul matched the tone of their subtle pop-punk tunes.

If you could see this band perform with any other musical group, who would it be?
RVIVR. Their sound is quite similar to RVIVR, except that neither of the male members sing, which turns out to be a smart, consistent move. Lemuria is small, liberal town music—the type of band you stumble upon in a coffee shop in Fort Collins, Colo. in autumn.

If this band came to SLC, where would you want to see them play?
Actually, I'd want to see them in somewhere like the San Rafael Swell. Lemuria's music is fun and upbeat punk rock, but their tunes are also really beautiful as well. Their songs are like traditional-tattoo songbirds. They have you bouncing to the fast parts and wandering in reverie during the technical parts with the pretty guitar chords.

Sheena Ozella of Lemuria combined nimble guitar work with pretty pop punk. Photo: Alexander Ortega