SXSW 2013: Max Pain and the Groovies @ Uncorked – Mock Records Showcase 03.13

Posted March 15, 2013 in

If you had to marry one band member, who?
I've got a longtime boyfriend so I'm not really available for marriage. But if things were different (and to properly answer the question), I'd become a bigamist and marry the whole band plus their merch guy. This way Max Pain and The Groovies could serenade me sweetly to sleep. They could drive me to SLUG business appointments in their spacious shuttle ... until we all got divorced.

if you could trade hair styles with one member of the band, who?

T-Coy (the drummer) always wears a beanie, so he's out of the running. I suppose I'd go with the long, curly locks of rhythm guitarist, Darren.

if you could insert any other musician into the band, who would it be?

I'd nominate Roky Erickson but although I respect the guy,  I don't want to curse Max Pain and the Groovies and see them end up clinically insane because they all dropped too many hits of acid. So I'm going to go with Stevie Nicks. There's a huge age gap, but if Dave Grohl can make it work with Sound City, Max Pain can too.

What was the most embarrassing moment of the show (for you, the band, or another audience member)?
During their set Dave (vocalist) gave a shout out to SLUG and pointed directly at me. Although it is kinda embarrassing, It feels really good to be appreciated publicly because we (at SLUG) work really hard!

What set the show apart from a typical set you might see in SLC?
I love seeing locals play outside of Utah. It's great to see them perform under new circumstances and see how they adapt to life on the road. Max Pain and The Groovies are no strangers to the road, and it shows. Their SXSW set was spot on. They played with ease, thanking those who needed to be thanked: the venue, the auidenece and the showcase host,  Mock Records. I've seen Max Pain and The Groovies plenty of times at Salt Lake watering holes like The Urban Lounge or The Garage, but usually both of us are drunk on whiskey and a little sloppy. While watching them play on  Austin's Uncorked patio as the sun prepared to set, I recalled these past shows and was impressed by how tight their set has become despite the fact that it was Jordan Deveraux's second show on bass. Deveraux, a fellow SLUG writer, later confessed to me after the show that although excited, he was nervous as hell during the set. I couldn't tell, as he played solidly, along with the rest of the band.