SXSW 2013: Royal Thunder @ The Dirty Dog Metalsucks Showcase 03.14

Posted March 15, 2013 in

Royal Thunder created a storm with their brooding style of metal. Photo: Alexander Ortega

How was their stage presence?

Royal Thunder's set at the Dirty Dog was like sex on the beach. They started out with a couple of their more mellow songs, then they royal thumpered into "Whispering World" to take the rhythm and pace to the next level. Frontwoman Mlny Parsonz really knew how to lure a guy in with soft coos that eventually transformed into full-bodied singing, then growls like a tigress.
If you could trade hair styles with one member of the band, who?
Usually, I think dreads look fucking stupid, but the way that Parsonz rocks hers is subtle, and doesn't look like a trust-a-farian. Her natural-looking bangs balance out the dreads, and the dreads themselves are kempt and their deep-black matched her black outfit. She also gave her bass deep, sonorous strokes. It's not just her voice that propels Royal Thunder—she provides solid grooves, too.
If you could make out with any instrument being played onstage, which one and why?
Josh Weaver's white SG. Normally, getting and playing an SG is like dying your hair platinum blonde to me, or wearing leather pants. There was something about his guitar being white, though, with the wash of blue and green lights and the aura generated by Parsonz's voice.
What set the show apart from a typical set you might see in SLC?
For being a set from such notable band, everyone in the audience was coolheaded and respectful of each other and people's personal space. There was some veritable rocking out to be had, and there was a sense that Royal Thunder were performing for their friends—it had a relaxing, casual feel to it, heavy metal notwithstanding. It was nice to up close and personal, but be able to sip on a smoked porter, too.
If you could insert any other musician into the band, who would it be?
Royal Thunder seems to have had a guitarist absent, Josh Coleman, and so they performed as a three-piece. So, what better person to fill in than Jimmy Page? Royal Thunder's grooves and builds would be perfect for Jimmy to come in and throw in some blues-rock solos. Tradeoffs with Parsonz from vocal eclipses to wailing guitar.
Royal Thunder created a storm with their brooding style of metal. Photo: Alexander Ortega