SXSW 2013: Tegan and Sara @ The Main iHeartRadio Showcase 03.12

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Despite a crowd comprised primarily of lumber, Tegan and Sara set Alexander Ortega's heart aflutter at SXSW.

If you could trade hair styles with one member of the band, who?

Tegan. Sara rocked the classic T&S swoopy bangs, but the curl that Tegan currently has really set my heart on fire. Her hair was so full-bodied … She looked like she should have been in a Tresseme commercial.
What was the most embarrassing moment of the show (for you, the band, or another audience member)?
What was embarrassing moment for me was when I was trying to get closer. After Tegan and Sara had me texting iPhone photos to my friends by opening with “Back in Your Head,” I tried to sneak closer, past the dead-log crowd. As I eased between some people, some girl with black hair pushed me, and, in doing so I got pushed by, like, two more people. The last person who pushed me was this nerdy-looking dude with glasses and a scally cap. I gave him that “really?” look, and he just scowled. Later on, a fellow press person, a photographer,  snuck past me as the crowd willingly let her through. What was most embarrassing about this situation was that I realized that I had a camera, too, and that cameras give you magical powers/access to the front of a crowd. So, I busted out mine and went forth from the asshole who pushed me.
If you were in this band, what would you play?
I would play guitar for Tegan and Sara. That’s the only instrument I play well, and, really nobody would notice that I was in the band, because, like in their music videos, JUST Tegan and Sara are in the spotlight onstage. They have a retinue of dudes (and they’re DUDES, not chicks) who play guitar, drums, bass or keys, depending on the song—as long as I was just CLOSE to them, I would be happy, really. I would be thrilled, though, if they let me play the intro guitar riff to “The Con”—when that song started, I started screaming the lyrics (which I actually didn’t know all the way, so it was likely just drunk babble—but I know the song … shut up).
What was the crowd's reaction?
The crowd for Tegan and Sara sucked BALLS. Not only were there the pushing assholes, but they were logs. Even when Tegan and Sara closed with “A Little Bit Closer,” nobody danced. As I got closer to the front, there were some people just sort of flopping around willy-nilly, but there NEEDED to be unbridled dancing going on, and there wasn’t. Tegan and Sara delivered a great, polished performance, but the crowd didn’t reciprocate.
What was the best song they played?
Tegan and Sara rendered a larger-than-most response when they played the opening riff for “Walking with a Ghost”—I was actually tricked into thinking that the audience was finally going to explode and that there were going to be dance circles all around. As the chorus would come around, the volume of people singing, “I was walking with a ghost!” and the flashing light show made the Mohawk stage seem like it was a huge arena.
Despite a crowd comprised primarily of lumber, Tegan and Sara set Alexander Ortega's heart aflutter at SXSW.