Ten Years of Supernatural

Posted January 30, 2015 in
Ten Years of Supernatural is a lot of freaking Supernatural. Will Sam and Dean ever retire? … Nah. Photo: Matt Brunk / unlifephotography.com

I attended this panel at 5:30 on Thursday and it was only about 45 minutes long. The panel discussed Supernatural and its 10-year run on the CW. You can also find 9 of the 10 seasons of the show on Netflix Instant Watch. I wasn’t completely impressed with the panel, it felt like a college lecture about the show, but I did like the way they included the audience. To begin, they brought up a member of the audience to sit on the panel with them throughout the discussion. Instead of listening to the panelists talk the entire time we heard a lot from the audience. Still, it was a bit boring and lecture-y, but they did bring up some very good points about the show that I absolutely love.

We discussed mainly why Supernatural has lasted so long. Many points were brought up such as the obvious eye candy that the Winchester brothers provide, how the characters are relatable, the accurate mythology behind the creatures on the show and, my favorite—how the show does not rely on romantic relationships to drive the plot and keep it interesting. Romance is one of my least favorite ways to add to a story, it’s cheap and it’s easy to do, but Supernatural has managed to keep thousands of viewers interested without it. Also, Supernatural caters to its fan-base more than any other television show that I can possibly think of—and I have seen a lot of television shows. When we asked the writers to kill off a character we didn’t like, they did. When we didn’t like where the story was heading, they changed it. It’s absolutely incredible how much the writers of Supernatural care about their fans, and I never realized it until I went to this panel. Overall the panel was a bit boring, but it made some excellent points and helped renew my love of Supernatural.

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