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Jacob Wysocki and Olivia Crocicchia in "Terri"

Sundance Film Festival
Director: Azazel Jacobs

The idea of an overweight high school student who’s teased by his peers as he swoons over the most popular girl is nothing new, but Azazel Jacobs attempts to change up the clichéd concept by adding a whacky assistant principal who attempts to win students’ affection with mixed results. The hefty hero in question is Terri (Jacob Wysocki), a socially inept teenager who lives with and cares for his ailing uncle while enduring daily harassments from his classmates. In an act of defiance, Terri consistently arrives late to school dressed always in pajamas. These unusual outbursts attract the attention of Mr. Fitzgerald (John C. Reilly), a charismatic assistant principal who schedules weekly meetings with special students and makes Terri his latest project. It appears Jacobs is unsure whether his developing a sentimental drama or a charming comedy, which ultimately leaves an unsettling final product. As always, Reilly is capable of distributing a wide spectrum of acting abilities, which plays nicely with his topsy-turvy character. However, while Reilly shines along with the other side characters, their talents expose the mediocre acting capabilities of Wysocki.



Jacob Wysocki and Olivia Crocicchia in "Terri" Olivia Crocicchia as Heather in Terri Olivia Crocicchia and Jacob Wysocki in "Terri" Jacob Wysocki is Terri in "Terri" Bridger Zadina and Jacob Wysocki in "Terri" Creed Bratton as Uncle James in "Terri" "Terri" director Azazel Jacobs. Photo by Alexandra Weiss