The Art of Flight (Snowboard)

Posted January 10, 2012 in

The Art of Flight
Brain Farm Digital Cinema
X-Dance Screening: Thursday, Jan. 12 @ 7:30pm

After the success of That’s It, That’s All, some doubts began to surface as to whether Travis Rice and company’s second film, The Art of Flight, was going to live up to the hype. Rice, in an interview with SLUG, stated that one main function of this film was to bridge the gap between the core snowboarding community and the mainstream. “Bringing in a bit more of a layman approach, [we’re] trying to showcase what it is that we do, where we go and why,” said Rice. As for where they went, this time around the crew shot on location in Alaska, Jackson Hole, Chile, Patagonia, British Columbia, Aspen and Revelstoke. When asked which section of the film he was most proud of, Rice responded with Revelstoke, which seems fitting as it’s the last section of the film. “Revelstoke we really worked our asses off for. We were up there for almost two months. I think the big push behind this film was more towards progressive, big mountain freestyle riding. I really felt that the Revelstoke section of the film pushes it,” said Rice. The soundtrack was masterfully put together and the shots were perfectly centered on it, making it more of an experience than just a snowboard film. “So much of [the film] was centered around cinematography, our days revolved around catching two minutes of the right light in order to shoot. Everything we did we made a priority to hit during the right light,” said Rice, and after watching the film it’s clear that those aren’t just words. The Art of Flight features crisp, smooth heli shots from behind the Cineflex HD Camera System and incredible slow motion captured with the Phantom Flex camera. Couple this with Curt Morgan’s repute for perfection and talent behind the camera and you’ve got a snowboard film that covers all the angles, so to speak. –Chris Proctor