The Dude Tour Diaries: Day Four, An Interview with Steven McCann

Posted September 12, 2011 in

Steve McCann. Photo: Gage Thompson

The last event of this year’s Toyota Challenge took place on the vert ramp with the world’s best BMX riders battling it out for the coveted crown. As the finals heated up, the riders started going down. Dennis McCoy took a huge slam on his face, followed by Simon Tabron bowing out due to soreness from a previous injury, Jamie Bestwick, after setting the high score in round two, fell out of the sky and landed heavy on his ankle. As these riders hit the ice, Steve McCann hit the gas spinning into the lead with a no-handed 900. As he celebrated his first vert victory of the year, I barraged him with a series of questions for your reading pleasure.

SLUG: How long have you been competing overall and how long have you been on the Dew Tour?
McCann: I came over here 11 years ago, so I’ve been riding for 11 years. I’ve been doing the tour ever since it started.

SLUG: What keeps you coming back every year?
McCann: [I] love being a part of these sports. It’s cool to put everything together and be a part of a great event that will continue on.

SLUG: Did you get out to any of the other events this weekend? What was your favorite?
McCann: I’m a fan of all the events and the only one I missed this weekend was Skate Street [due to time conflict]. It’s a huge community of people that all support each other. I like to watch BMX Dirt. I like all the events. I rode BMX park and dirt and now I’m riding vert a lot more than usual. I’m a huge fan of all of them and wish I could do them all again, but sometimes it takes away from what you’re best at.

SLUG: What’s your best Dew Tour memory?
McCann: This moment right here, winning tonight. I think this will go down in history to me as one of the coolest things.

SLUG: Who’s your favorite up-and-coming rider to compete with?
McCann: I like watching Mykel [Larrin], he brings a little bit of flare to things. He’s a great friend back in Woodward and [so is] Jorge Jovel [who] made the finals this weekend. It’s cool to have all the boys from Woodward up on the ramp having fun.

SLUG: Where do you see the sport and five years? Where will you be?
McCann: The sky’s the limit, [espeically] with all of these guys coming through. People have this huge learning step to get up here, in the pro level, and that’s why these guys are so good, the best in the world. The future is definitely bright. [In five years] I’ll probably be right here talking to you again.

Congratulations to Steven McCann and all the competitors who gave everyone out here a great show. Check out more photos here.

Steve McCann. Photo: Gage Thompson Steve McCann. Photo: Gage Thompson Steve McCann. Photo: Gage Thompson Steve McCann. Photo: Gage Thompso BMX Vert Finalists 1st - Steven McCann, 2nd - Jamie Bestwick (Random dude on podium represents him), 3rd - Vince Byron. Photo: Gage Thompson