The Dude Tour Diaries: Day One

Posted September 9, 2011 in

Street park overview. Photo: Gage Thompson

Once again, the second to last stop on the annual summer contest series, Dew Tour, lands in Salt Lake City. Every year brings about minor changes and I’m sure this year will not fail to bring us insight into not only competitive sports, but also up-and-coming fashion trends (see last year’s write up). I will once again be on hand the entire weekend to bring you all the news, good and bad.

Day one: Like Snoop Dogg, “due to logistical complications,” I missed a vast majority of the events. By the time I departed Trax on four wheels of fury and secured my media pass, the final event of the night had already begun. What I had missed included BMX Vert and Dirt and Skate Vert Prelims, which you can find the results for below. Fortunately, I was there to watch the Skate Street Prelims. I caught the tail end of heat one, which featured most of the qualifying competitors, including some fresh faces and some old.

By the end of the night, I was surprised at a few guys that didn’t qualify for the semis. Tosh Townend, who was blunting everything in sight in true hippy fashion, landed in 11 and missed the cut by four spots. Dew Tour vet Carlos Andrade, also came up short (even though most ledges are a head high on him). Most surprisingly, though, was Theotis Beasley just barely missing the final spot by three-fourths of a point. That dude rules, and even though he failed to advance, he hung around and signed autographs for a ton of kids.

After all the events were over, I headed to the Vert Ramp to watch some hungry skaters get some practice in. It seemed that everyone there was just having fun trying to dial in runs. The only one not in attendance: Shaun White. I think all the pro skateboarders are conspiring to take him out. It can’t feel good to lose to a pro snowboarder (no offense to Shaun at all, I say put up or shut up to those vert dogs out there).

Tomorrow we’ll be back in action with some inside info, but in the meantime enjoy the results recap for Thursday’s competitions and check out photos of the BMX Vert and Dirt and Skateboard Street Prelims here.


     BMX Vert:                   BMX Dirt:                   Skate Vert:                   Skate Street:     


1. John Parker             1. Mike Clark              1. Josh Stafford           1. Ke’chaud Johnson

2. Joe Taberna             2. Nate Berkheimer     2. Sam Beckett            2. Taylor Bingaman

3. Nick DiGerolma      3. Kevin Peraza           3. Renton Millar          3. Kurtis Colamonico

4. Zachary Newman    4. Ryan Guettler          4. Anthony Furlong     4. Rodolfo Ramos

5. Craig Mast              5. Leandro Moreira     5.  Neal Hendrix          5. Andrew Pott

6. Alex Landeros         6. Matt Cordova          6. Juergen Horrwarth  6. Dalton Dern

7. Scott Wirch             7. Patrick Laughlin      7. Jean Postec              7. Milton Martinez


Street park overview. Photo: Gage Thompson Skateboard Street Prelims: Theotis Beasley. Photo: Gage Thompson Skateboard Street Prelims: Tosh Townend. Photo: Gage Thompson Skateboard Street Prelims. Photo: Gage Thompson Skateboard Street Prelims: Tosh Townend. Photo: Gage Thompson