The Dude Tour Diaries: Day Two, An Evening With Dalton Dern

Posted September 10, 2011 in

Dalton Dern - BS Blunt- Skateboard Street Semi-Final. Photo: Gage Thompson

As a journalist (in some respects), you want to go out and talk to the biggest star available, those that will help bring your name into the light. But it’s the youth that keep sports competitive and progressive. After watching the Skate Semis on Friday, I knew I could afford to break the norm because this guy straight up deserved it. I first noticed Dalton Dern by his haircut: a throwback to a ‘90s Andrew Reynolds. Instantly my mind flashed back to those classic front-side flips, which would eventually dub Reynolds “The Boss.” What caught my eye the second time was this Dern’s overall killing of the park. With backside 270 slide and grind combos, this kid from Orlando, Florida instantly won me over.

Competing in his first pro series, Dern has seen few results. After placing 27th in the Portland Invitational, it seemed like he came to SLC on a mission. Skating alongside his buDerny Ben Hatchell, Dern took to the course with some serious concentration, landing trick after trick, and even improvising if his precision was just a tad off. Ultimately, due to what I think is a competitive disadvantage, the judges scored Dern as if he had hit his high ceiling and couldn’t bring more to the finals. Although he was eliminated, Dern was more than stoked to spend a few minutes with me and express his enthusiasm for the entire experience.

SLUG: Is this your first time on the Dew Tour?
Dern: This is my first pro series.

SLUG: How’s it been so far?
Dern: It’s been really really fun. The format is really good. The course is so fun [that] I’ve skated all the practices from start to finish.

SLUG: Who’s your favorite guy to skate with out here?
Dern: I’ve been skating with my friend Ben and Lizard King out here. He’s probably the sickest skater out there.

SLUG: Were you disappointed you didn’t make the finals?
Dern: Not at all. I had fun and it’s all really new to me. I still get to go to Las Vegas [the Dew Tour finals]. I don’t really care if I win or lose. I had fun.

Humble and full of talent, the sky’s the limit for this kid. I personally guarantee Dern will not only be gaining accolades, but also pushing boundaries in the near future. Good luck Derny! Check out more photos of Day Two at Dew Tour here.

Dalton Dern - BS Blunt- Skateboard Street Semi-Final. Photo: Gage Thompson Dalton Dern. Photo: Gage Thompson