The Ettes @ Wahoo’s 03.16

Posted March 19, 2012 in

During a secret and seemingly last minute show—I actually found out about this one by tweeting at the band—at a franchised fish taco bar joint, Nashville’s The Ettes killed it during their final show in Austin.

Although the crowd was dismal—at one point I think I was the only person paying attention to their set—the tiny turnout didn’t put a damper on the band’s killer stage presence. This three piece brought it on Friday night. Guitarist and vocal powerhouse of the band, Lindsay “Coco” Hames, surprised me with the intensity of her voice. Don’t get me wrong, the band sounds amazing on their recently released album Wicked Will, but I didn’t expect that they would rock so hard.

Hames’ voice was strong, soulful and sexy, but her vocals did seem to lack the southern Patsy Cline influence that is so evident on their recorded material. As Hames wowed the crowd her vocals, drummer Maria “Poni” Silver was killing it behind her kit, performing with more energy than most drummers in the genre ever exhibit. Silver has some awesome curly locks too and she wasted no time thrashing them around throughout the set. At one point it actually looked like she was standing up while playing her drums. She quickly became my favorite individual to watch in the band. Bass player Jeremy Cohen had rad stage presence too, but quite frankly I was a little overwhelmed by the two ladies in the band and didn’t spend as much time concentrating on his portion of the stage.

It’s a damn shame that the turnout for this last minute show was so small. If The Ettes roll through Salt Lake City anytime in the near future (which I really think they should) go! You won’t regret it.