The Invisible War

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Still of Kirby Dick in The Invisible War

The Invisible War
Sundance Film Festival
Director: Kirby Dick

The Invisible War offers an intimate glimpse into one of America’s deepest secrets. Sexual violence against women in the military has reached epidemic levels, and high-level officials are systematically sweeping these cases under the rug. The heart-wrenching testimonies from multiple rape survivors build the backbone of this investigative documentary. Viewers hear of attacks that came from supervisors, senior officers and military police and the many barriers that these women were confronted with when they attempted to report their attacks. It is no wonder that nearly 80% of women choose not to report, because as those interviewed stated, reporting the sexual assault led to them losing their jobs, while their predators remained in their positions and were rarely reprimanded for their criminal actions. These are supplemented with interviews from members of Congress and military officials, whose insight helps explain how easily these crimes are covered up. What emerges from Dick’s documentary is a horrifying picture of the overwhelming amount of rights Americans give up when they choose to serve their country. As the film eloquently explains, when a civilian woman is raped she may seek recourse through the criminal justice system. When a woman is raped while on active duty, there is no criminal justice system. Many times the individuals within the military making the final decision are not legally trained and are more likely to tell a woman to “suck it up” then address the problem. Where Dick really excels is that his film doesn’t come off as an anti-military documentary. He is able to bring attention to an issue, without chastising an institution. 


Time: 3:30 pm  Date:  1/25/2012 Venue: Redstone Cinema 8
Time: 11:30 am Date: 1/28/2012 Venue: Library Center Theatre

Still of Kirby Dick in The Invisible War Still from The Invisible War