The Queen of Versailles

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Director of The Queen of Versailles Lauren Greenfield

The Queen of Versailles
Sundance Film Festival
Lauren Greenfield

Rather than going the been-there-done-that route of a rags to riches story, director Lauren Greenfield accidently (yet exquisitely) delivers a riches to rags tale with this intimate glimpse into the wealthy lives of David and Jackie Siegel. As the president and CEO of the largest timeshare corporation in the country, David is the epitome of the American dream, and his beauty pageant/trophy wife is living proof. While the film’s initial purpose was to document the development of their 90,000 sq. ft. home (the largest in America), once the financial crisis of 2008 impacted banks globally, David soon finds his entire empire in jeopardy. Greenfield captures the highs and lows of being in the top 1%, even though most of the bottom 99% would love to give it a shot no matter the repercussions (I always did want an ice rink in my home). It’s fascinating to watch the discourse between Mr. & Mrs. Siegel, two individuals who came from poverty, but have different interpretations of the importance of life. Watching the chaotic rollercoaster that is Jackie Siegel allows audiences the chance to laugh at the elite. At one moment you emphasize with the princess billionaire with the heart of gold, but once she attempts to classify herself as the “average” person, one can only watch with resentment. Either way, Greenfield, offers a crowd-pleasing documentary that leaves a lasting impression on audiences.


Time: 3:30 pm  Date: 1/20/2012  Venue: Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center

Time: Noon       Date: 1/24/2012  Venue: Yarrow Hotel Theatre

Time: 8:30 pm  Date: 1/27/2012  Venue: MARC

Time: 3:00 pm  Date: 1/28/2012  Venue: Screening Room

Director of The Queen of Versailles Lauren Greenfield