This Must be the Place

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Still of Sean Penn in This Must Be The Place

This Must Be the Place
Sundance Film Festival
Director: Paolo Sorrentino

Sean Penn plays a wealthy, retired and ultimately bored rock star named Cheyenne in This Must Be the Place. When Cheyenne learns that his estranged father is dying he travels to New York City only to arrive after his father has passed. From there, Cheyenne find himself on a journey-quest through America’s Heartland in an attempt to find the Nazi war criminal who persecuted his father at Auschwitz. Unfortunately, Sorrentino’s film seems to rely to heavily on Penn’s star power and the fact that Cheyenne looks a bit like Robert Smith. Every character, including Cheyenne, is poorly developed, and their personalities seem to be built off of their strange outfits more than anything else. Although there are a handful of quirky scenes to make you smile—like when the soft-spoken Cheyenne informs an elevator full of ladies that powdering your lips is the best way to keep your lipstick from fading—as a viewer, you have to little invested in the characters to give a damn about any life-altering journey. 


Time: 9:30 pm Date: 1/22/2012 Venue: Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center

Time: 9:00 pm  Date: 1/25/2012  Venue: Egyptian Theatre

Time: 12:00 pm  Date: 1/28/2012 Venue: Screening Room, Sundance Resort

Time: 8:45 pm Date: 1/28/2012 Venue: Egyptian Theatre

Still of Sean Penn in This Must Be The Place Still from This Must Be The Place