X-Dance Review: Denali Experiment (Ski)

Posted January 15, 2012 in

Denali Experiment
The North Face
X-Dance Screening: Saturday, Jan. 14 @ 6:30pm

Part ski movie and part climbing movie, Denali Experiment features a North Face sponsored crew of professionals enduring a 10-day climb of Denali in Alaska—and then skiing down. The team mixes veteran climbers like Conrad Anker with some younger members of the freeskiing and snowboarding community inlcuding Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Ingrid Backstrom and Lucas Debari. This later generation has little climbing experience, but prove themselves capable of the grueling trip to reach the summit at over 20,000 feet. From then on, the kids reverse the mentorship-like relationship that developed on the way up and lead the way by shredding the huge slopes of the legendary mountain. Beautiful scenery, fun personalities and some genuine professional athleticism make this short film a touring skier’s total package. –Rio Connelly